Token FAQ
IDEAS is a project that aims at changing both the way people can fund their projects and the way ‎people can invest in projects,
to a fully decentralized, open, and borderless way.
Thereby, we created a token, called IDEAS, whose symbol is IDS, an investment platform, and a ‎phone application, dedicated to achieving this goal.

The IDEAS platform will be a creative shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together entrepreneurs,
investors and skills, in a place where anyone can post their project, to find ‎interested investors from all over the world.

It is important to mention that the IDEAS platform will be divided into two sections:‎
The first one is the "Investment Platform" which is a fully decentralized platform, for all kinds of ‎projects.
Users will be free to post their ideas/startups without any restrictions or any control from ‎IDEAS or any other third party,
and this will allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together ‎without any limitations or interventions.

The second one is the "Recruitment Platform" which will be dedicated for business owners to post ‎their job offers,
and freelancers from all over the world will be able to apply and bid to take the paid ‎tasks.

All the payment transactions for the process above will be using cryptocurrencies.‎
IDEAS is creating a fully decentralized platform for crowdfunding, investing, and recruitments.
While other crypto launchpad platforms supports only crypto projects, and publish a project only after review and approval from the team,
IDEAS is taking a step further to render the process fully decentralized for anyone to post without examination, and open for all sorts of projects.

On the IDEAS platform, users will be free to post their ideas or startups regardless of the type or nature of that idea.
Whether it’s a crypto project, an engineering or financial project, or any other regular project that you believe will works and attract interested investors.
This will open limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, giving them the power to work in a decentralized, and open environment, without any limitations or interventions.
Buying or selling IDEAS will be tax-free, and will only be subject to the normal exchange rate ‎which ranges from 0.5% to 1%.‎
Yes, the code of the token is audited and the link is provided on the website.‎
IDEAS is a fixed supply token, which means there will never be more than 300 million IDS,
and those 300 million tokens are already minted.
Usually, stacking is used to mint new tokens and add them to the total supply,
and since IDEAS is a fixed supply, stacking is not available.
Yes, the lottery event has a build-in burning function, and we're burning tokens weekly through it.
Also, there will be more events in the future that include tokens burning.
As soon as the platform is published, anyone will be able to create an account and log in to the ‎platform.
However, only the holders will benefit from all the different services ‎available on it.

The services include the following:‎

Update all the profile information.
Posting Projects/Startups.
Scrolling/Investing through all different posted projects.
Posting work offers and tasks.
Scroll through offers and tasks.
Entries to different events and giveaways.
More services related to the NFT marketplace and other options.‎
Yes, the team is DOXXED and the LinkedIn profiles of the founders are available on the website.
Yes, we'll list IDEAS on highly rated centralized exchanges once we reach a decent market cap.‎
The reason is that highly rated exchange requirements are more likely to be met when we reach this milestone.‎
Some of the requirements are :
Daily volume.
Numbers of holders.
Comunity numbers.
Listing fees.
Our marketing plan consists of the following:
Create "Project Oriented" posts to introduce new users to our project and vision.
Get listed on CMC and CG.
YouTube video promotions.
Telegram calls.
Publishing to all our social media profiles (BitcoinTalk, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, ‎Medium, Reddit).
Partnership with highly reputable VCs and influencers later on.
Your help as a community, by sharing our vision and our project with all your friends, will make a huge ‎difference.
Investment Platform FAQ
The main idea behind this platform is to maintain a decentralized crowdfunding for different projects and startups in ‎several domains,
where entrepreneurs will be linked to investors/donators.
It will be a fully ‎decentralized platform, without any limitations or constraints on the types of posted projects.
This will ‎help expose your project to investors across the globe with different interests.

Moreover, the ‎relationship between the entrepreneurs and the investors will be without any limitations or ‎interventions.
Users need to be holders of IDEAS Token in order to have the right to participate in this platform as an ‎entrepreneur or as an investor.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used,
are to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.
As an entrepreneur, once you sign up on our platform, if you're a holder of IDEAS, you will be able to create your account to upload your project in text,
images, and videos if needed.
The more evidence you provide, the more investors and donators might be interested in your project.
It is necessary to divide your projects into at least 4 milestones, each defined by timeline and budget.
This will allow the investors to keep track of how your project is progressing with time and will give them the trust they need to keep investing in your project.
Interested investors, across the globe, will get to know more about your project and can choose to invest in all or any of the project’s stages.
Moreover, any user on our platform can opt to donate to your cause and help you achieve your fundraising target.
One of the main ideas behind the IDEAS investment platform is to keep all the processes 100% decentralized,
so no check will be performed from IDEAS on any entrepreneur or any project!

Instead, we will make it possible for each entrepreneur to build his own profile completely,
and post it on the platform to gain the trust of the investors through the quality of posted material and presentation.
The profile of an entrepreneur will include the ID, CV, skills, recent work, and all other useful information that can help empower
the profile and show its true value.

Also for each posted project, there will be a section where the entrepreneur can present his idea/startup to the fullest, by posting the business plan,
the needed technical information, the white paper, and all other related information.

All this information can be uploaded in texts, documents, images, or videos.

It is the sole responsibility of the investor to check and validate the posted info about the entrepreneur or the posted project, before taking any decision.
As an IDEAS holder, you can enter the platform, scroll through different projects,
and invest in any project that attracts you, hoping to make profits later on from a working one.‎
If you prefer, you can also donate to a certain cause without expecting any profits.

‎ Entrepreneurs should provide all evidence that supports the legitimacy of their project.
Investors are free to invest in any project or ignore it if not convinced.
Simply investing in IDEAS Token instead is always an option.‎

It’s expected to have a ready Investment platform by the end of 2022.‎
Our platform will divide the projects into different categories, such as Programming projects, Environmental projects, etc.
As IDEAS is a fully decentralized platform, users are free to post their projects/startups ideas in their corresponding category without any limitations,
constraints, or interventions from any third party.
It’s all up to the entrepreneurs to attract investors or donors through the quality of their presentation.
Yes, the whole code of the investment platform, especially the Smart Contract code will be audited,
‎since we believe that auditing is very crucial for the success and security of the platform.‎
We’ll be applying some measures and actions to expose and prevent scammers from using the platform, those can be resumed as follows:

~The 1st measure is the profile of the user.
Any user seeking to post a project on the platform for funding through investment or donation needs to build his profile and have over 90% completed profile (number applicable to change).
The profile will include essential information about the user, such as the identity, the current position, a selfie video of the user, an ID or passport that is visible only to investors, a link to his LinkedIn profile, and a link to external KYC service if existed.
If the user is serious about funding his project, this step should be easy to complete.

~The 2nd measure is the vesting (dividing) of the invested capital.
In Details : For each posted project the entrepreneur must specify the number of stages for his project (normally between 5 and 10).
Each stage will have a specified time, budget, and tasks.
The time and the tasks of a stage are to be filled by the entrepreneur.
The tasks of a certain stage must be completed in the specified time of that stage.
The budget of all stages is equivalent and automatically filled.
It can be calculated as follows:
One Stage Budget = (The total budget of the project) divided by (the total number of stages)
The total invested capital gathered by investors will be vested to the entrepreneur based on stages.
So at the start of each stage, the entrepreneur will be given an amount equal to the “One Stage Budget” only.

~The 3rd measure is voting.
At the end of each stage, the investors will vote to evaluate the progress of the work, they will check the completed tasks of the current stage of the project, and vote based on it.
If they vote for the project to continue to the next stage, the entrepreneur will get the next vested payment, and the work will continue in that stage until it is finished, then voting will take place again, and so on.
If they vote for the project to be stopped, it will be stopped,
and the investors will get back the remaining amount of money in the unreached stages.

~The 4th measure is what we call the “Guarantee Payment”
(applicable only in Investment type of funding, not applicable in the Donation type of funding)
This is a payment that should be paid by the entrepreneur before the project is started, and it is calculated as follows:
Guarantee Payment = One Stage Budget (mentioned above)
This payment will go to the investors as a first payment if the project is started and completed.
It will go to the investors if the project is started and then stopped at any stage.
The guarantee payment will not be paid until the project is fully funded and ready to start, but the project will not start without it being paid by the entrepreneur.
So if a user wanted to scam investors, there’s a good possibility that they will notice this in the first stage, and they will vote to stop the project.
In this case, they will get their invested money from the unreached stages + the guarantee payment.
However, if the project stopped in a stage different from the first stage the investors might lose some of their invested money.
That’s why it is recommended to only invest in projects that have a strongly built first stage.

~The 5th measure is the contract.
When posting a project the user should e-sign a contract between him and the investors, this contract legally obligate him to fulfill his duty and return all the due money to the investors in case the project stopped at a stage different than the first stage.

~The 6th and last measure is the rating system.
Each posted project will be subjected to rating and comments from all users on the platform.
It is strongly recommended that you always check the rating and the comments before investing in a certain project.

Always do your own research (DYOR), and check all possible information about the creator and the project before investing in any project on our platform, or anywhere else in general.

Those are the main measures to be taken, more actions could be added later if needed.
Recruitment Platform FAQ
The Recruitment Platform will be an active shared space that works on cryptocurrency and brings ‎together business owners, and freelancers from all over the world.
As a business owner, you will be able to publish a job offer for a task to be completed within a ‎specified timeline.
As a Freelancer, you will be able to apply to take on the offered task and bid for it.‎
Users need to be holders of IDEAS Token in order to have the right to participate in this platform as a ‎business owner or as a freelancer.‎
The agreement terms, payment terms, type of cryptocurrency to be used, are to be agreed upon ‎between the two parties according to private contracts between them.‎
If you're an IDEAS holder you will be able to post your job/task offer on the platform by uploading a ‎description to your offer by text, images, and videos.
Also, you will receive applications from interested freelancers who will bid to take your posted offer.‎
IDEAS will act as a controller between the freelancer and the project owner to ensure the security ‎of the process,
and that the work gets done and both parties are satisfied.‎
If you're an IDEAS holder, you will be able to update your profile and present your skills on your profile page,
then you can scroll and navigate through all the different tasks posted by different business owners,
and finally, you can apply and bid on whichever task you like.
IDEAS will act as a controller between the freelancer and the project owner to ensure the security ‎of the process,
and that the work gets done and both parties are satisfied.‎
Specifically speaking, depending on the payment terms agreed upon between the two parties,
the ‎business owner will send the cryptocurrency payment installments to IDEAS, and IDEAS in turn will ‎send the payments to the freelancer once the job gets done.‎
It’s expected to have a ready Recruitment platform by the mid of 2023.‎
Yes, the whole code of the recruitment platform, especially the Smart Contract code will be audited,
‎since we believe that auditing is very crucial for the success and security of the platform.‎
Lottery FAQ
IDEAS Lottery is a smart contract that can create an event, in which users can buy a ticket to participate in this event,
and when the event finishes, the money gathered from this process will be distributed to the event winners,
who will be randomly chosen by the smart contract.

Find more detailed information about the lottery event Here
To join the lottery event you need to buy a ticket.
The ticket price will be specified on the lottery web page.
The more ticket you buy, the more entries you get, and the higher your chances to win.

How to buy a ticket through PC (Metamask) Here
How to buy a ticket through Mobile (Trust Wallet) Here
The lottery function is very important because it is implemented with a token burning function
that burns part of the participating tokens, in other words, a portion of the prize will always be burned,
and this renders the IDEAS token a deflationary token.
The prize will be determined based on the number of sold tickets, the more tickets are sold, the higher the prize.
The prize percentage distribution will always be available on the lottery webpage, to check it befor joining.
When an event finishes, the winners will be posted on the lottery webpage,
and the prize will be sent automatically to the winners' addresses.
No, if you bought a ticket for a certain event, it'll give you an entry for that event only,
to join future events you need to buy a ticket for that event.
Yes, if the number of winners was more than one for a certain event,
you can win more than one position if you bought more than one ticket.
Each winning position you get, will reduce your entries by one.
Typically, a lottery event will start on Monday, and finish after one week on the next Monday.
How To?
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